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About Us

The site was previously lagging due to unknown reason. However we are grateful that you come back to find out more about the world's first favorite drink the coffee and tea before the carbonated drink come into the market.

We'll be sharing some resources regarding these herbal drinks. It herbal because they are from plants.

They have certain addictive ingredient that make them the all time favorite.

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Our Mission

We'll will make sure that responses from our client and consumers are well answered where applicable.

The mission is to spread the news about coffee and tea every time we have some news. It can be hardware and equipment related to coffee and tea market.

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What Makes Us Special
Packaging & Storage

We don't keep stock of anything for the merchandizes. These are all handled by our affiliate or suppliers themselves.

Warehouse Service

We don't hold or keep any stocks and no warehouse. These are handled by our suppliers.

Delivery Services

We only provide services link or url to our suppliers stock and warehouse. All transaction, logistic, packaging are handled by our suppliers.

Our Services

Beside providing products images and link to our visitors, we might at time do provide service to recruit agents for other products that is useful for our visitors. Those are like product for network marketing.

Investment planning
Strategic approach
Simple Business Solutions
Why choose Us

As an established avenue, there is nothing to hide. Where possible we do not accept bribe and unsuccessful dealing will have money back.

Operational Excellence

We are now working on providing service to other individual or companies making sales funnel for them.  It may be difficult but we'll get there.

Continuous Growth

To provide new creative design may help everybody to be sustainable in the business.

Team of experts

There are few expert personnel in the team in their own field.

Projects Completed
Years of experience

I came  to know this website through google advertisement. Thought it was a learning experience but instead a good resource to get information.


A resourceful site about some coffee and tea that were never heard of before.

Gesmine Sales Manager

Meaningful blog about coffee and tea for consumers. 

Not only that the blog post are are some sort of testimonies as well. 

Carlene Marketing Manager